A: You get lifeless drudge that fails to engage. Uggghhh.  

I received an email from HP notifying me of their upcoming bifurcation, the names of the new entities and letting me know that I had opted-in to receive marketing emails.  Therefore, I should expect to continue to receive emails from one of the two new entities and I can unsubscribe at any time via a link. And here is a link to our privacy statement in the event you’re curious how that reads. This handiwork most certainly smacks of the legal department. 

I’m sure Antonio Lucio has no knowledge of this specific communication, but the minion that was responsible for locking and loading this email into their marketing automation platform, should have had the gumption to step-up and draw attention to the missed opportunity before firing.

Why not explain how the split will help drive innovation? Why not callout their latest advancements? Better yet, why not qualify me further by providing the convenience of opting-in at a more granular level of interest, include an offer based on my historical purchases or invite me to their launch party?

The content curation workflow should always begin and end with the marketing department. If something is going to be published then it needs to fit within the content marketing strategy and achieve a goal greater than just legal compliance.


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