Webinars are a great lead generation tactic. People that register for webinars are committing their time to attend which is a much stronger predictor of their potential as a future sales opportunity than a search query or white paper download. Because of this, as well as other positive characteristics, lots of marketers have incorporated these virtual events into their marketing mix. While webinars are great at delivering qualified leads, they do take a significant investment in time and resources to execute effectively. So how do you maximize the return on that investment?

Tuning Your Contact Strategy for Success

Over the course of executing more than 1000 webinars as well as consulting with companies that are incorporating webinars into their marketing mix, I’ve discovered a natural contact point, that is often overlooked, and results in an average of 20% more meetings set from webinars and increases webinar attendance by 10%+.

The vast majority of marketers utilize a webinar contact strategy that looks something like this:
• Email Invite 1 three weeks out
• Autoresponder with a thank you and calendar request to registrants
• Social Media Post
• Email Invite 2 to non-responders 2 weeks out
• Autoresponder with a thank you and calendar request to registrants
• Social Media Post
• Email Invite 3 to non-responders 1 week out
• Autoresponder with a thank you and calendar request to registrants
• Email reminder to registrants (24 hours prior to the event)
• Email reminder to registrants (1 hour prior to the event)
• Email thank you to attendees with a link to the recording
• Outbound call to attendees (prioritize those with high engagement during the webinar)
• Email (sorry we missed you) to registrants that didn’t attend with a link to the recording

In today’s hyper-competitive, always connected world, a lot can happen in one to four weeks: priorities shift, budgets get adjusted, the acuteness of pain can fluctuate. That’s why you shouldn’t wait until the end of the webinar to place that outbound call. As soon as someone registers for your webinar you should have someone pick-up the phone and call them. It is a very natural contact point with the prospect if you use this very simple script:

“Hi {Registrant’s First Name}
This is {First Name} from {Company Name}. Thank you for registering for our webinar. I’m calling to ask if there was anything specific that you’d like to take away from the event or anything that I can pass on to the speakers to have them address.”

This touch point is nonthreatening and you’ll immediately identify those registrants that are experiencing pain relative to the topic of your webinar. You’ll be amazed at how these prospects open-up about their situation and the issues that they’re trying to solve. The meetings that are set with these prospects turn into sales opportunities and closed business at a very high percentage. As a result of adding this one simple step to my webinar contact strategy, I’ve been able to consistently generate 20% more appointments per event , a 10%+ greater registrant to attendee ratio and a significantly better ROI on my webinars.
Don’t wait to place the outbound call until after the webinar! Time is of the essence. Don’t let these high value opportunities slip away.

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