There is one word that you should consider adding to your webinar content strategy and marketing content strategy. This word strikes fear into the heart of many decision makers across a wide range of industries. This one word can help you build your webinar prospecting database by adding new qualified registrants better than any other that I’ve utilized. This one word is “Compliance.” Most industries have some type of regulations that govern how they do business. Most of these regulations are somewhat dynamic and change on a regular basis.

It is extremely powerful to include educational webinars, on how to comply with regulations in your industry, into your webinar mix. I’ve conducted over 100 webinars on compliance, including: Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and Wireless Number Portability compliance to name a few.

Benefits of adding compliance webinars in your mix

  • Helps position you as a trusted advisor and expert in your category
  • You can easily triple your webinar participation
  • By helping your audience avoid pitfalls they’re more likely to engage in a dialogue with you
  • Industry influencers are more likely to merchandise a webinar on compliance, than a webinar on the latest and greatest product, thus expanding your reach
  • Compliance webinar recordings typically have a strong shelf-life and perform well, long after the live event has concluded

Tips for a successful compliance webinar

Not all compliance webinars are sure-fire successes. Youll need to make sure that you search on compliance topics and pick one that has not been overused – PCI and HIPAA have hit the saturation point. Look for emerging regulations that don’t have a lot of coverage but will have a big impact on how business is done.

It is also important to find subject matter experts that can be guest speakers. Often there will be attorneys or experts that emerge to help provide consultation on compliance. They’ll often present for free to gain the publicity. Also, don’t overlook the government as a source of speakers. I”ve had representatives from the IRS and the FCC as guest speakers and they were tremendous draws.

Last, compliance is also very newsworthy. Make sure to invite your media list and maximize your coverage of the event.

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