Educate First!19 May 2014

Educate First!

Too many webinars are focused on selling rather than teaching You would think by now most sales people and marketers would understand the power of webinars as a tactic where you can immerse prospects in a branded experience for an hour+, influence them with subject matter experts, qualify them with polling questions and then convert the prospects into near-term sales opportunities after the event. This only works if you educate first and sell second. The

Increase Webinar Participants by 250 Percent15 May 2014

Increase Webinar Participants by 250%+

There is one word that you should consider adding to your webinar content strategy and marketing content strategy. This word strikes fear into the heart of many decision makers across a wide range of industries. This one word can help you build your webinar prospecting database by adding new qualified registrants better than any other that I've utilized. This one word is "Compliance." Most industries have some type of regulations that govern how they do