breakthrough content marketing idea7 Oct 2015

One Simple Step Will Increase Your Meetings Set From Webinars by 20%

Webinars are a great lead generation tactic. People that register for webinars are committing their time to attend which is a much stronger predictor of their potential as a future sales opportunity than a search query or white paper download. Because of this, as well as other positive characteristics, lots of marketers have incorporated these virtual events into their marketing mix. While webinars are great at delivering qualified leads, they do take a significant investment

5 Mar 2015

When it Comes to Content Marketing Strategy, Timing Can Be Everything

In today’s world of infobesity, the current generation of content marketing calendars, found in marketing automation, social media and CRM platforms, often fall short of helping marketers effectively execute a content marketing strategy that will break through the clutter while engaging and converting target audiences into customers. While they provide the utility of scheduling, persona targeting, channel distribution and theme designation, they just scratch the surface in helping brands with precision timing of execution, content positioning relative to the competitive set and relevant content that engages and delivers maximum value.

No Channel Conflict? Uh-Oh!1 Jun 2014

No Channel Conflict? Uh-Oh!

Many marketers that I talk to believe channel conflict is a bad thing because they get beat-up by their internal channel managers when it escalates. However, there is a much bigger problem if you don''t have channel conflict. As a marketer, if you don't have channel conflict, then you’re nowhere close to having enough market coverage. Channel conflict is a healthy barometer of how well you're attacking the served addressable market and growing it within