Get Your Content House in Order for 2016

If you want to accomplish your marketing objectives in 2016 then you need to get your content house in order. While content ranks high in terms or priority and marketing spend, when it comes to planning and execution, many content marketing plans look something like a teenager’s bedroom; with an eclectic mix of items strewn about and those of fleeting interest and lacking engagement being relegated to the bottom of the piles.

Incorporating these four building blocks into your content marketing plan will help you produce better performing and relevant content and make you look like the smartest marketer in the room. AuthorityForce has developed a content marketing calendar template that you can download here: Get My Content Calendar


4 Critical Building Blocks

1. Regulatory Events:


If you’re in an industry that isn’t clouded by government regulations then you likely have lower blood pressure and sleep better at night than your regulated counterparts. In the U.S. there are currently 6,362 bills and resolutions sitting in the pipeline in the United States Congress. Those that make it through must be enacted before the end of the 2015-2017 session. This just scratches the surface as many state and local regulations can also impact your customers. If you’re a multi-national operation then you’ll likely be impacted by regulations like the European Union General Data Protection Act that will likely be implemented in 2016. For tracking U.S. Federal regulations there are great sources like that can help you plan your content accordingly.


Building content around these events and anticipating the outcome is a great way to position your brand as an authority in your industry. Some of these regulations have far reaching implications and hefty financial consequence for noncompliance. Keeping your target audience up to date on regulatory status and helping them avoid pitfalls drives a very high level of engagement and keeps you in their consideration set they’re ready to pull the trigger on a solution.


2. Major Industry Events:


When planning your 2016 content calendar you’ll want to overlay all the major industry events for the year and their corresponding themes. Most marketers have the events added to their marketing mix but many overlook the themes of the events. Event coordinators want to be on the cutting edge of industry trends in order to make sure they maximize attendance.


Establishing your position relative to these industry themes and planning your content execution accordingly will give you an advantage over the competition. Industry events are often a time of high noise levels so overlaying these can help you execute at optimal times to maximize your reach and engagement of the target audience.


3. Editorial Calendars:


Similar to the industry events, trade media want to be on the leading-edge of change in your industry. Overlaying editorial calendars onto your content marketing calendar can help you align your content with the shifting landscape of industry issues and trends. Identify emerging topics by tracking escalating coverage within and across media outlets. Sometimes trade media can be slow to publish editorial calendars or specific topics so you’ll want to forge relationships to get the inside scoop. This is a two-way street and you’ll want to be a source of valuable industry information for your trade media contacts.


4. Competition:


Scrubbing your competitors’ sites and tracking their content should be a cornerstone in your content marketing planning. Overlaying competitive tactics and themes onto your content calendar can help you flank the competition, improve your position in the marketing and capture greater market share. Don’t rely on Google Alerts alone to get the job done. You’ll want to schedule a monthly competitive content assessment. If you see an increase in the utilization of specific content then you’ll know they’re likely getting traction. Overlay those themes on your content calendar and develop a shielding or attack strategy based on your position in the market.


Utilizing these building blocks can help you dramatically improve the performance of your content by providing guardrails that will help you narrow the direction of your content themes to areas of high relevance to your target audiences. Download our 2016 content marketing calendar template and customize it to your business. Let us know how it goes and if you need help filling-in your content gaps we’ve got authorities that can help.


B2B Content Marketing Infographic

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